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10AM – 12PM
Doors open at 9:30AM

12615 Tribunal Lane
Potomac, MD 20854

Brunch will be served.
Valet parking is provided.
Space is limited.

Give yourself the Gift of a Perfect Summer Mindset reset at our next exciting TGIF.

Our theme for Friday, May 31st is “WARRIOR WOMEN: The Impact of Conscious Connection, Fatherless Families and Building a Better World for all Women”.

This uplifting program features Talia Fox, (CEO, Author, Leadership Strategist), Jamie Truman, (Philanthropist, Author, Podcast Host) and and a very special Surprise Speaker, who will provide an opportunity for us to explore timely and important topics shaping our world.

Talia is the CEO of of KUSI Global, Inc., a global transformational leadership organization and will TEACH us about maximizing human potential and fostering connected cultures, sharing her recent book, The Power of Conscious Connection: 4 Habits to Transform How You LiveJamie will move us with her commitment to GIVE and to improve the lives of so many through her tireless philanthropy raising nearly $2M for local charities, leading her to write the book, Vanishing Fathers: The Ripple Effect on Tomorrow’s Generation. Our special Surprise Speaker will INSPIRE us with the transformative work she does to foster peace and diplomacy to create a better world for all women.

Join us to give yourself the gift of a “perfect summer mindset reset”.  After all, You Deserve It. 

Registration is now open:

TALIA FOX, M.Ed – Teach Speaker

CEO of KUSI Global, Author, Executive Coach

Talia Fox has become an inspirational leader in every sense of the word, often referred to as the “Jedi of Inspiration” by her clients. With over two decades of experience in transforming thousands of executives from all sectors, Talia has become a visionary for leadership and legacy building. Her extensive background in psychology and education has given her the tools she needs to assist leaders in developing successful strategies for complex missions, ranging from defense systems to healthcare initiatives. Holding an M.Ed. in psychology and being a Harvard University Fellow, she is a well-respected name in the industry. She is also a certified EQ-2.0 (Emotional Intelligence) Coach with over 10 years of executive coaching experience. Talia Fox is an internationally known leadership strategist who has designed hundreds of training curricula and experiences across diverse industries and countries.

As CEO of KUSI Global, Inc., Talia uses her knowledge and expertise to make a difference in our world today – turning ideas into actionable plans that have real-world results. With her passion and dedication, she is revolutionizing the way we view leadership. She helps leaders harness the power to revolutionize the human spirit. Ms. Fox has been training leaders since 2000, and with Federal leaders for the last 12 years. She has helped government agencies and public leaders cultivate skills to emerge as global visionaries.

Ms. Fox supports and develops over 60 strategic leadership seminars for high-ranking military personnel, executive military leaders, high-performing engineers, and a host of other innovative leaders that are responsible for some of the largest and complex missions, systems, and designs in the United States.

She has recently been featured in Forbes, Ebony, SHRM, Wall Street Journal, Authority Magazine, Inc., Bloomberg, and hundreds of leading podcasts as a thought leader. She is frequently on television offering leadership and self-development tips, with recent appearances on Fox 5, NBC, CBS, CNBC, and Fox Soul. Talia Fox is the author of the book, The Power of Conscious Connection: 4 Habits to Transform How You Live and Lead. This book was named #1 book to read to unlock potential.

JAMIE TRUMAN – Give Speaker

Philanthropist , Author , Podcast Host

Jamie Truman is the founder of Truman Charities along with her husband Jerry who founded the organization fourteen years ago with a party to benefit LLS. Fourteen years later Truman Charities is a 100% volunteer organization and has grown from a modest house party event, to hosting large scale charity events with hundreds of people; raising over 1.8 million dollars for different non-profits in our community.

Jamie is also a nationally recognized podcast host, lending her voice and providing a platform for charities that deserve a spotlight. In her work as a podcaster, along with her own personal story, she discovered a common denominator in the impact fathers can have both good and bad on the lives of their children, leading her to write her most recent book, Vanishing Fathers.

Vanishing Fathers explores the profound impact of growing up in a fatherless home, revealing the nationwide crisis that leads to challenges such as poverty, homelessness, addiction, and crime. Author, Jamie Truman, shares gripping stories of individuals who have overcome adversity, emphasizing the importance of fatherhood in providing guidance and support for a child and their trajectory in life.

Jamie’s mission through Truman Charities is to bring people together through philanthropic individuals and organizations. Their motto, “When Good People Get Together – GREAT THINGS HAPPEN.” Her goal for her book Vanishing Fathers is to actively do whatever she can to eliminate the epidemic of vanishing fathers.

Special Surprise – Inspire Speaker

Diplomat, Advocate, Lawyer

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