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A Message from Our Founder

While in my 20’s, I set upon a path to create a mission statement that would allow me to grow, evolve and persue my passions and dreams. My mission then was “to be a loving, powerful force for positive change in my own life, and in the lives of the people around me”. This philosophy continues to guide me today and drives my desire to contribute to family, friends and the world around me.

It is privilege and an honor to expand on that mission through TEACH GIVE INSPIRE Fridays, and to provide a voice and a platform for women to inform with Passion. TGIF is designed to empower and ignite creativity and possibilities for women in our community, and to provide opportunities to get beyond “Hi, how are you?” Moving past these pleasantries allows all of us to form more meaningful connections and create authentic dialogue that is shared through the voices and stories of our speakers.

I welcome you to join us for our next TGIF event and to take the opportunity to listen and learn along with women who will share their professional stories, talents and wisdom. My goal is provide a morning of inspirational and uplifting take away strategies and ideas for women to put into use in their daily lives. After all, when we better ourselves, we better our families and our community. You too can be a force for loving, powerful, positive change. I dare you!


Barbara Guterman


What our Attendees Say

Congratulations on the inaugural TGIF event. The speakers were excellent, the turnout was amazing and you and your home were most welcoming. Your attention to detail was evident and elegant.
Laura F

What a wonderful program!! Thank you for your generosity and your panel of inspirational women!! Looking forward to many more TGIF events!!
Marcy S

Thank you, Barbara, for inviting me! This was a great event! I learned a lot, I’m thinking of more ways to be charitable and helpful & I am inspired in so many ways by the women that spoke this morning! Well, that was the point wasn’t it? This program was definitely on point. I can’t wait for the next one and am going to join all 3 speakers social media pages. Well done!
Julie M.

Thanks again for inviting me to Friday’s event! There was such a good lineup of speakers (I found Eva especially engaging), and I loved the opportunity to meet other terrific women and feel the wonderful energy in the room. I hope to be able to attend the other ones you schedule!

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